Impact 508

We empower people to get and stay in the best shape of their lives.

Our own results drive our desire to transform our community.

Are you satisfied with your income?

Do you have time for what you enjoy?

Are you truly making a difference?

Part-Time, Full-Time, 6-Figure Earners

Dozens of Partners who work throughout the region and make varying incomes based on availability and efforts.

Guided Mentorship

The best part of this partnership is the guidance you receive along the process. Our years of experience helping weight loss and fitness enthusiasts build serious business around their results.

Proven Business Model Expansion

This business model has stood the test of 30+ years time and Billions of dollars in sales, and has already been proven successful in countless areas across the world. You will get access to business strategies that work and provide multiple forms of income.

Prime Locations

We have 3 locations in the Worcester area with more to open.


Sue and Mike exemplify multi-generational success. Sue left her nursing career to be with her 5 year-old son helping others from her home office. When her son Mike graduated from college, he didn't find a career but did find student loans. He decided to write his own future and joined Sue in the business. It's been 5 years and their joint efforts have improved the health and lifestyle of Greater Worcester. Both full-time, their combine incomes towered over $250K last year!
Sue and Mike
Clayton B started off part-time working around a full-time barber career. Wanting more for his family and passionate about getting the community healthier, he promotes his result everywhere he goes and in the last 90 days he's made $11,234.73 while still maintaining his barber business.
Clayton B
Timmie P started as a college student and a full time supervisor at a big box store with very little free time. Coming from a negative background he was looking for a opportunity to improve his situation and be around positivity. So after gaining 15lbs of mass, many friends started asking him for tips. With hard work and consistency by Month 4 Tim matched his income and left the retail industry. He now builds his business around his 6 month-old daughter, made $6600 over the last 90 days and gets to raise her every single day!
Timmie P
Shannon got started on a nutrition program after a medical scare and knew she needed to change. She went on to lose 60lbs in 6 months then decided she'd love a community location to improve her town's health and has made over $6000 in the past 90days.
Theresa was looking to lose her pregnancy weight and within 6-7 months- had lost 35 pounds. She coaches minimally around working as a Special Education teacher and taking care of a 2 year old. Over the last 90 days she took home an extra $600 to spend on expenses and family outings.
Chrissy just got going with coaching after a great results after her own. She works long hours, serving tables at a local restaurant but enjoys living a healthy, active lifestyle in her spare time. Last month were her first month coaching and around her busy life she made an extra $260.

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